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Hi! We are backpackers. We have traveled all around Sri Lanka. It is really a nice island with wonderful people. We'd love to share our experiences with you so that you can get an amazing travel experience.


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Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

           In Sri Lanka, there are plentiful of Waterfalls which are known in the world over for their beauty and for their attraction. Most of them are located in places where one can visit easily and some of them are located in places which are very hard to get into.

          Out of them, bambarakanda fall is the highest waterfall in the country while the Bomburu fall is the widest. And some of the highly attracted waterfalls in the country can be listed as follows,

Diyaluma Falls

This a stunning waterfall in Sri Lanka which is located in the Badulla district. This is the second-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka

Bopath Ella Falls

This beautiful waterfall is located in Rathnapura district. Bo is a sacred tree in Sri Lanka and this waterfall has the shape of a Bo leaf. So this fall is called Bopath ella.

Laxapaha Falls

Laxapana Falls is located in the hill country. There are many folks related to this waterfall. It is said that Lord Buddha mended his saffron robe when he was visiting Sri Padha.

Lover's Leap

This is also an attractive waterfall in Sri Lanka located in the center on the country. This is considered as a waterfall of lovers.


This is the highest waterfall in the country. The Bambarakanda Falls can be found in a forest of Pine trees. This waterfall is an ideal place to have a bath.

Devon Falls

This fall is visible to the road itself when passing by on your way to Nuwara Eliya. There is a small path to go down to reach the bottom of the Waterfall.

Dunhida Falls

Dunhida waterfall is located in the lower central hills of Sri Lanka. This is also an amazing waterfall.

Bomburu Ella Falls

This can be mentioned as the most beautiful waterfall in Sri Lanka. One must have to take a walk of 1.5km in order to get into this amazing waterfall.

            The above mentioned are the most common waterfalls which are attracted by local and foreign tourists. Those waterfalls are absolutely beautiful and attractive.

            Apart from them, in Sri Lanka, there are lots of amazing waterfalls which are not that popular. Even people in Sri Lanka have no idea about them. It is mainly because they are situated in places where it is not easy to reach.

           Duwili Ella Falls in kunckles mountain range, Dhumbara Ella, Sansun Ella are some examples of such amazing waterfalls. You can explore more about such hidden beauties in the "Hidden Beauty" section.