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Hi! We are backpackers. We have traveled all around Sri Lanka. It is really a nice island with wonderful people. We'd love to share our experiences with you so that you can get an amazing travel experience.


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  • Bojitha Liyanage

Camping in Sri Lanka

"Camping is a solvent of morality, it neutralizes moral indignation sponsors playfulness"  - Susan santag

Camping has been always been an adventurous activity. The real feeling of spending a night in a camping tent near a self made bonfire, can't convert in to words. That is why one a camper being an always camper later on. 

There are several types of camping. Backpacking(Hike Camping),Beach camping,Car Camping,Survival Camping,Winter Camping...etc.

Beach camping and Backpacking are the popular among them.

Sri Lanka has the best places on earth to backpacking and beach camping. ⛺️.If you are a real camping lover you should have definitely camp in srilanka.

Knuckles mountain range,Wangedigala,Narangala,Namunukula,Chariot path,Saptha Kanya are the some of the best hike in here. For beach camping there are Panama,Kankasanthure,Baththalangunduwa..etc. Camping in Saptha Kanya,Duwili ella,Panama is kind of a

remarkable achievement as a camper that you can get.

Basic tips of camping

If you are a new camper there are some tips that you should have to know.

1.Choosing a campsite

when you are choosing a camp site you should look in to the difficulty level of it.For that you have to know the total length of the journey, complete route to the camping place, are there any dangerous animals, whether water is available near the camping site, what are the equipments you should take with you..etc.

As a new camper it is more safer to take a guide or an experienced camper with you.


Camping tents, camping lights, head touches, Gas stoves and cartridges, lighter or matchbox, kerosene bottle, backpack, drinking water, pocket knife,First aid kit, foods(dry foods),navigation tool, raincoat are the essential things that you have to keep with you.

except those items if you are willing to to take photos and videos you can take cameras, smartphones, gopros...etc.Make sure to take extra batteries or power banks if it is a several days camping.


During the camping period your stamina is the main fact. For that you should take healthy diets. But we haven't lots of cooking equipments and facilities.so we should choose fast foods which can be make easily and which gives you the needed energy.

So in sri lanka we normally choose Noodles, Bread, Cheese, BBQ Chicken, Fruits, Potatoes...etc.

As a drink campers love to have a cup of coffee in the camping night.Make sure to take glucose packets and energy drinks with you.