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Hi! We are backpackers. We have traveled all around Sri Lanka. It is really a nice island with wonderful people. We'd love to share our experiences with you so that you can get an amazing travel experience.


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Hidden Beauty

        Sri Lanka is a diverse island with many experiences to offer both locals and visitors, it’s quite hard to believe that this tiny island still has many gems to be discovered. Rising as a favorite of tourists, Sri Lanka offers a variety of tour options from wildlife safaris to romantic getaways. As the country’s popularity increases, famous attractions are filled with tourists which might get a bit overwhelming. How about if we tell you that there are still some untouched locations where you can connect with Sri Lankan nature or observe the rich history without the crowds? For those who like to wander off the beaten path, continue reading and you will find out about some scenic, cultural and breathtaking locations that can easily make an appearance in your bucket list.

        Most of the beautiful places are unknown even by locals of the country. There are uncountable number of epic waterfalls, forests, rocks and rivers to explore. But one have to effort harder in order to reach such places.

Jaffna Fort

Delft Island

Knuckles Mountains

Blue Water Pond

Jungle Beach