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Hi! We are backpackers. We have traveled all around Sri Lanka. It is really a nice island with wonderful people. We'd love to share our experiences with you so that you can get an amazing travel experience.


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    Ella is everyone’s favorite hill-country village. It is very famous among many tourists due to various reasons. The Ella town itself is surrounded by the beautiful hills of the Central highlands; covered in rolling green tea estates, the tall trees of cloud forests, and interesting natural formations. The town is a delight to be in as it maintains its originality and rural feel while still catering to the thousands of tourists that visit it during seasonal highs. Oh, and it has a rather hippie vibe and has some of the best eateries on the island.

   Ella rock lies a little further from Adams Peak. For the hike, correct guidance is needed. Though many of the locals will advise you to start your hike at the Ella station, it will be easier and save quite a lot of time for you to start your hike at the next station, Kaithal Ella. To climb up the rock is quite hard, there are several paths to the top. Once you get up to the summit; you will be faced with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. This includes views of Little Adam’s Peak and a clear view of the Ella Gap. And there is a fantastic view all the way to the southern coast.



           Ella is mostly famous for the ella rock among both locals and foreigners. The hike leads you to the top of the ella rock. It is a quite difficult to climb to the top of the rock. But when one reach the top, he or she will see amazing view of the nature.

           It is important to get the correct guidance from a professional guide.


          This is another reason why ella is so famous. This bridge was build when Sri Lanka was ruled by the Britain crown.

         It is a beautiful creation and the view is so good. Many people come to this place to take photo graphs.


        Almost all the villages around Ella are yet rural and the natural beauty remains there.

       One can get the experience of bird life. wild life and chena cultivation. And you can enjoy a bath in a cold water pond and have a traditional Sri Lankan meal.