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Hi! We are backpackers. We have traveled all around Sri Lanka. It is really a nice island with wonderful people. We'd love to share our experiences with you so that you can get an amazing travel experience.


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           Sri Lanka is which is known as the island of Serendib is a place where it offers a wide variety of sights, terrain, and accommodation. Instead of staying in hotels, it would be better to get a camping experience in Sri  Lanka if you love adventure. There is an uncountable number of fine camping spots on the island.

           There are mainly 2 ways that you can camp in Sri Lanka. You can either camp on a hill or you can do beach camping. Both are really interesting. It is really awesome to get that experience. Somehow if you are willing to engage in camping activities in Sri Lanka it is better to take guidance from a local.

Camping on a hill

           Simply this is one of the best. Normally hill camping is done while a hike. Most of the hikes take more than a day and you must find a safe place to stay over the night. So the best thing is to set up a camp in a suitable place. So you have to cook your food on your own and you have to do all your needs by yourself. In Sri Lanka there are many hills which are ideal for camping.


Wangedigala is located in Badulla district and it is one of the most beautiful hikes in Sri Lanka. There is a forest of pine trees on the way to the top. You will be able to see an amazing view of sun rise in the morning.


Madolsima is also located in Badulla district and it's beauty can't be expressed by words. You must pass a tea plantation and the view on the top is really beutiful.


Knuckles is a forest and there and many waterfalls and natural ponds there. In knuckles there are many places suitable for camping. It is full of adventure as there are animals like elephants and lepords in the jungle. So it is better to set up a bon fire.


This beautiful place is situated on the way to Ella on train. It is easy to get there by train. Actually it is a small hike but an ideal place for camping. You can see the southern cost on a clear day.

Chariot Path

Chariot Path is another ideal place for camping. The place has an historical importance also. It is better to know the path correctly to the top since there is a big probability to get mistaken.


Simply Narangala is a paradise. The hike to the top is a little hard but the beauty can't be expressed by words. In this place a nice view of sun rise can be seen.

Beach Camping

           This is another interesting way of camping. Here you must select a suitable safe beach first. In Sri Lanka, there are many recommended places for beach camping. Then you can set up camp on the particular beach. It would be wonderful to set up a bon fire on the beach. While the sea wind blows you can enjoy the night while getting a marvolous experience. It will bring you the feelings of adventure, fun, joy as well as romance.


Kalpitiya is situated in the western coastal belt of the country. It is easy to reach the place and it takes only a few hours from Colombo.


This is a place which is difficult to reach nut it is with eye catching beauty. Staying a night at Panama will be like staying a night at heaven if you love camping experience.


This is an separated island in Kalpitiya. It takes nearly a two hour ride from Kalpitiya beach to the Island. The island is really beautiful and people who live there are very friendly. In that island a navy camp is also situated so that it is totally safe.


Although Talpe is a fine place for beach camping it is very much popular as a place better to surfing, snorkeling and bathing. You will be able to get an amazing experience at Talpe.

Delfh Island

This is also a separated island located in Jaffna. This place is not even popular among many locals. There are many place to visit in this island.


Mirissa is very popular for almost all types of beach activities. In mirissa you can get a amazing experience of camping too.

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