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 All the holidays of your life will remain incomplete without touring one of the most beautiful island country of the world, Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is in the south of Indian subcontinent in the Indian Ocean. The country has a rich and diverse history, at one point of time Buddhism triumphed, but now or rather for the last couple of centuries it can been a peaceful coexistence of Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. Tourist attractions in Sri Lanka range from Hindu temples, Buddhist stupas, monasteries, Buddhist temples, forts, relics of ancient dynasties and civilizations, marine sanctuaries, underwater ecosystem, botanical gardens and parks and the trappings of a modern society.

Some of the tourist attractions in Sri Lanka are really very interesting. For example when you visit the Koneswaram temple or the Nallur Kandaswamy temple, you will get an idea of how the Hindu temples are revered by both the Hindu Tamils and the Buddhist people. In these temples Hindu Gods are enshrined and regularly worshipped. On specially auspicious days, the temples overflow with devotees. The temples are not only places of worship but are witnesses of the intermingling of different faith and civilization in the island. One of the greatest temple of reverence for both Buddhists and Hindus is the Temple of the Tooth in which one of the tooth of Lord Buddha is enshrined. The solemn atmosphere reverberates with peace and goodwill, the path shown by the Lord himself so many thousands of centuries ago.

Forts and museums are great tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. Some forts like Galle Fort offers rich insight into the history of Sri Lankan civilization, or rather how the history of Sri Lanka has evolved. Here you can spend hours delving deep in to the past of the country. Another great attraction for all the visitors is the plethora of botanical gardens and natural parks and sanctuaries. Some of them are really breathtaking and the infinite variety of flora and fauna are always a matter of joy to nature lovers.